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Motion Clip 2

January 18, 2010
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I ready to second game motion clip.
to be come soon. Part-1 Attack one-hand sword attack swish type 1 !initial posing is very important!.
Keyframe work used 3Dstudiomax character studio bip and bone.
Rendered by mentalray renderer.Dev. issue
Natural motion Endolphin test.
This issue about natural motion ‘endolphin tool’ for human motion synthesize system.
Now they does not has a 3Dsmax import plugin, that’s critical problem I think.
But , I will make build to pipeline for between 3DStudioMAX and Endolphin.that little more another name edit and customizing pose character with use hierarchy structure.
Approach Pre Idle Peaceinsert
Approach Pre action insert
Approach Swish action insert H-Line Preview
Approach Swish action insert MR-Rendering
Rendering motion test shot.
Fast Run initial pose
Motion Mix in 3D studio Max
I explain this motion mix track is top line use armor change upper motion only and below track use whole body normal runing motion.Armor change upper motion is just upper body keyframe only.
Mix final is not yet final version.
 This motion clip is mixing to upper motion and lower motion use 3dsmax motion mixer.
now this motion is incomplete.You can check about not naturally upper spine bounce.
1th final preview.
1th preview rendering.
Second mission is japanese animation style.Reference animation is ‘Ths horn of deamon(Japanese original title is ‘Shura no toki‘)
Samurai VS Mooch Wonmyung-ryu.


Do you wanna get Shura no toki animation? Get Torrnet
Ingame motion fixed action insert (2008)
Game Developer Leegoon copywrite allright reserves since 2010.



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