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(W.I.P)Real type 3D character modeling

February 13, 2010

I found to my 3D model data to part of head that it’s to long time before I worked.
Actually. That has 3D model base and Eyelids construction is too incomplete ,So Now I can be making for more detail.
Seems a little wander because of working after a long interval, but I will adapt to near soon.
THis picture have approaching about gender is male 3D character modeling through present a level of stage.

Modeling Project Issue
  • All generate quadrate polygons.
  • Finding how to get Realism 3D human body modeling.
  • Face model get standard hansom guy style .

It is may be through use pixol memory buffer about hires sculpting date information with topology volume. 


Finally face and head modeling has Fixed. consumption is too long time.
Truly this modeling has important objective that’s I wanna this face became to youth style.
How do you think…? is it  loolks like to young better than old modeling?

Head deform and very smoothly skin deform

    Volume Head local (Oct/15/2009″)

    Volume Neck ‘sternocleidomastoid muscle’ and edit face shape

    start body shape volume modeling and edit face volume and eye line shape too.(View topic is neck muscle and backface mucles volume)

    Edit hip upand reconstruct body shape.

    +Additional Edit detail abdominal muscles.
    Edit list : trapezius muscle , shoulder blade , musculus pectoralis major , clavicle

    Working in progress my human 3D chracter modeling.
    Wireframe turntable shot.

    Made hand and arms

    I made to my male base modeling finished.

    I got mistake, that has my male style base modeling has just looks good. actually, I had been modify via Zbrush3.5,but base model has incorrect surface. so, now I must can be reduce to base model.
    Below model is some reduction can be

    Game Developer Leegoon copywrite allright reserves since 2010.

    Game Developer Leegoon copyright all right reserved since 2010.

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