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Universe online a part of first section.

February 14, 2010

Universe online a part of first section.

First time we will be make project about conflict to between race of Bersias race of Hurot.
Detailfor 1th prototype element1.     Agenda.
    A.     Summary.

        ①     Totally we will prototyping two races fix it the real play pc. that is  play character is race of hurot and races of bersias is NPC.
        ②     Visual style concept
            I.    Whole world concept of the culture is Orientalism .with some adding to steam funk.
            II.    Exclusion to Platitude real oriental style a like romanse of three kingdom concept , We must mixing concept style is apro samurai and kind of ‘cyber funk’ and ‘steam funk’.

    B.      Project name.
                Oriental SAGA

    C.      Character concept.        ①    Body proportion
                Native japanese anime style proportion alike Inuyasha or naruto.

    D.      Class.        ①    Warrior
              Fighter
              Sword master

        ②    Buddhist
              male shaman
              Monk

1.     Detail making plan element.
    A.    Graphic resource.

    B.     Game engine
        ①    Gamebryo 3.0 or  H2 engine(in house 3D engine).

    C.     Build server structure.        ①    check to internal server engine.
        ②    Game server
            1.     Lobby server
            2.     Map server
            3.     Nerve net. AI server (Dungeon server)
            4.     Monster server
        ③    DB server.
    D.    Website
        ①    Game slient download page.
        ②    Game introduction and information page.
        ③    Play movie promotion page.
        ④    Free board.
        ⑤    business section page.

Game Developer Leegoon copyright all right reserved since 2010.

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