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August 31, 2010


Development philosophy.

Today We have to more important thing for upright of development element that is must collect each other development element for fusion together through flexible communication for success with us.

And then, We have to 5th element.

First is objectivity second is efficiency third is decision forth is communicate and last is common goal.

This is important point for fused organization together.

Now I steadily effort study about direct X programing and C++ programing for skill up to comprehensive with 3D game developers.

First, kind of realistic lighting process(Per pixel lighting , direct-global illumination inside deferred rendering category ) and tessellation inside direct X 11 ,character shading(High level character shading) , image compress (image compress by ‘cuda’ or DDS compress) process and finding about methodology of maintain quality.

Second, inverse kinematics process solution of a two legs working and four legs working and locomotion process through behavior algorithm for human motion.

3D tools

★Autodesk 3d studio max

I constantly used from 3dstudio max 1.0 beta and has been Autodesk korea beta tester for radio ray global illumination rendering plugin.

And also . I has experience work for 3D digital animation studio they were provide high level application scope for me.

For example I have process about character studio via 3D studio max with motion builder.

★Autodesk Maya

APP. Used from Maya 1.0 beta

Wavefront’ Korea user group registration member.(maya online manual writing inside user group web)

Maya 3.0 Foundation books translation supervision.

High level understanding about maya tools and detail options.

I can be setup IK/FK human skeletal customizing setup and polygonal modeling , subD modeling and NURB modeling.

And some high level can be use tools are Bodypaint , Zbrush , Photoshop and Painter.

Additional skill

Lecture experience

‘Seoul Broadcasting System’ digital academy a major is Maya 3D design.(2001)

Korea game academy a major is game project design. One semester only.(2008)

University of Honam a major is Game design and process. One semester only (2009).

University of Chosun a major is Cartoon design and 3D animation design. 2years.(2008-2009)

Investments speech presentation training from Ministry of culture,sports & tourism. In korea


Now I study Unity3D script and binding DLL , C++ and WX widget programing with my study members.

Every weeks we interchange self-position of game develop technical in our study room.

For example a member work for ‘Blueside game studio’ in korea they develop ‘Fame tech 2’ engine He has develop position is Physic system.

He was teaching about physic kind of ‘Harvok’ or ‘Bullet physic’ how to us upright use in game programing and his a lot of experience for us.

Game Developer Leegoon copyright all right reserved since 2010.


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