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Phyx Damp value understanding Unity3D

September 4, 2010


Setup to 3 GamebOject

  • Camera has default
  • GameObject mesh type kind of CUBE type.


And each cube GameObject renaming to M_Damp_cube and M_Floor

M_Damp_cube is active damping drag GameObject and M_Floor is Just Floor.

GameObject Cube has normally Box collider.

Box collider is type of Box shape default collision element in Nvidia Phyx.

May be dose not has physic material properties collider have to need Physic Material..

You can find in Physic Materials folder into the asset browser.

And last setup Drag Rigidbody script and Rigidbody physic compenent add to M_Damp_cub and M_Floor but M_Floor exclude or remove setup to Drag Rigidbody script.

Because M_Floor is just static floor that need not dragging action.

Setting up camera and materials alike below picture.

One more point. M_Floor has none kinematic physic that is not collect setup.

Because M_Floor is not dynamic physic object.

Check on into is Kinematic button like below picture.

Only M_Floor GameObject apply.

Ok. Game play preview via Game play button.

You can be dragging and move to M_Damp_cube GameObject. Could be did?

Also . We will test variations Damp value.

Damp property is alike elastic but some different.
Above sample is high  Damp value that is like in the water.

Damping is like friction in between  object and atmosphere or water

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